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The Fabricant launched The Fabricant Studio, a platform where anybody can create, trade, and wear digital only fashion NFTs.Rstlss gives brands and influencers the ability to sell “multiverse fashion” through a gamified experience and helps convert traditional IP into NFT wearables.World of Women created a $25 million grant that provides opportunities and support for creators to learn about web3, the metaverse, and NFTs.And now there are platforms purely focused on doing the same for athletes, celebrities, and the like.So where do we go from here?Let’s move beyond this singular model of simply just pushing our one owned brand.Instead, let’s become the “Supreme of NFT brands,” and collab with everyone.Historically, only the top luxury brands were ever called upon to do collabs IRL.But now that everything has started to migrate into the metaverse, the pace and the scale at which digital-only fashion based NFT collabs can be created are no longer bound by the traditional constraints of IRL logistics and retail distribution.This basically now opens up the number of influencers that a brand can work with by 100x, 1000x, 10,000x… you get the idea.So have at it — whether as the “Supreme of NFT brands,” as the pure play agency, the production studio, or even the distribution source… there’s a ton of directions to go here.Cheers!(Learn More Here)

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